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Categories: Chemical Rock

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Dark Launch
Driving chemical electronica over a techy bass and massive beats.

Petrol Storm
Wikimedia: Morio
Storming distorted chemical-rock/trip-hop with tortured synth riff over thunderous bass and breaks. 

Suck It Up
Towering Metal-Dubstep anthem builds with intense male vocal.

Tense intro into massive prowling orchestral/electronic action.

Dark, driving Dub-edged Chemical-Rock with Middle-Eastern touches.

Gone in 60
Fast and furious chemical rocker blends rock and electronica with manic breakbeats - driving, intense and menacing.

Masters Of Mayhem
Raunchy rock guitar leads storming chemical rock groove.

Pole Position
Short pensive intro into rousing, head-shaking rock groove with electronic twists and fx.

Night Running
Pounding, synth-led chemical rock with lush, tripped-out pad sections.

Code Black
Intense, driving, mid-tempo chemical rock featuring urgent siren FX.

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