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Categories: Calypso & Soca (Trinidad & Tobago)

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Funky Soca
Happy Caribbean Soca band with easy-going guitars and brass. Sunny and upbeat.

Zandoli Zouk
Fast, joyful, Caribbean party band with lively accordian and stabbing brass. Evocative of the whirling, 19th C. French Caribbean 'Quadrille' dances.

Steel Pan Scintillation
High Energy steel pan drums in a sizzling display of Caribbean exuberance. Full band rhythm section plus steel pan and brass.

Roots Ragabond
Rootsy, mid tempo Ragga/soca tune over urban Caribbean, reggae band with brass. Also included Brass 'sting' of 'Rule Britannia'

Kensington Kaiso
Cheerful, carnival style Caribbean soca band. Upbeat and exuberant with brass and male vocals: 'No soca in Hyde Park'. Versions without vocals.

Island Wake Up
Exuberant Calypso with brass and partying vocal interjections "Calypso Warriors, back in Trinidad and Tobago". Catchy and sunny. Versions without vocals.

Calypso Latino
Traditional, mid tempo Calypso rhythm band with brass.

Bajan Badjohns
Laid-back rootsy, Calypso/Soca with brass and percussion.