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Categories: Busy & Time-Lapse

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New Networks
Fluid technological soundbed with cyclical electronic bleeps and cross-rhythms.

Future Design
Ambient intro builds with bass and solid beat to positive electronic theme. Spacey, warm, edgy electronica.

Busy Little Things
Speedy plucked strings tumbling speedily onward, imply busy activity with a sense of cuteness and gentle charm.

The Problem Of Time
Deep bass pulses with spacey electronica and ticking fx

Simple factual scientific soundbed with techy bleeps.

Neutral but enigmatic soundbed to scientific information with cyclic electronica.

The Beauty Of NumbersVersions/Download
Airy, urgent orchestral minimalism - cyclical and emphatic.

Montauk Hoedown
American Minimalism - fresh, energetic piano and marimba/xylophone cycles are joined by orchestra to develop and evolve. 

Encounters With StormsVersions/Download
Orchestral minimalism. Tentative and suspenseful intro rising in drama and intensity to stormy climax. 

Happy Gadget
Light, chirpy melody, electro beats and folk instruments. Cute and quirky.

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