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Summer Meadow
Upbeat, uptempo light solo piano with a summery, rural feel.

Busy Little Things
Speedy plucked strings tumbling speedily onward, imply busy activity with a sense of cuteness and gentle charm.

Positive Outcome
Lively, positive plucked strings build with gently soaring solo violin and light orchestral touches.

Natural Drama
Tense, fast, agitated strings and orchestra build with increasing power and grandeur.

Gently Busy
Light, neutral atmosphere with busy plucked strings, clarinet and solo violin.

Light And Playful
Sunny and warm, upbeat orchestral minimalism with softly plucked strings, clarinet, light percussion and tinkling vibraphone.

Being Mr Bean
Bright and fun, comic orchestra with jaunty Rock 'n' Roll woodwind, harpsichord, light drums and marimbas.

Life In Suburbia
Mid-paced, light, quirky mallets, drums and woodwind. Slightly oddball, busy and fun.

Busy Pranksters
Urgent, upbeat orchestra with plucked strings, mallets and jazzy drums. Fast and funny.

The Hunt Is On
Urgent African percussion erupts into speeding chase complete with male puffs of effort.

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