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Categories: Business & News,Feelgood - Positive & Confident,Urgent News,Factual - Informative & Neutral,Glamour & Prestige,Serious & Momentous - Power,Finance & Commerce,Vintage News

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Happier Living
Cool and airy chilled electronica with super-smooth, floaty synth lead. Upbeat, neutral and super-modern.

Hazy Days
Warmly enigmatic, rolling, trip-hoppy electronica with a surreally contented touch.

Things Are Moving
Intense minimalism with repeating piano figures over choppy and emphatic string rhythm section. Serious, urgent activity.

The Pursuit Of Excellence
Romping minimalist piano and string figures with lashings of gravitas edging into flashes of triumphalism.

Feelgood Feature
Flowing orchestral feelgood with catchy piano melody over light, breezy strings. Busy, sunny and lightly emotive.

The Boys Are Marching (Vintage Sound)
Exuberant vintage orchestral march. Full of pomp and circumstance! (Lo-fi vintage sound).

The Boys Are Marching
Exuberant vintage orchestral march. Full of pomp and circumstance!

Hitting Your Stride
Suspenseful, portentous intro gives way to purposeful, upbeat piano/orchestral theme.

Here To Inspire
Light pop-folk intro builds gradually into warm, uplifting orchestral anthem.

Going To Be Okay
Indie Rocker evolves gradually from hopeful suspense, through several levels of excitement to massively positive, uplifting conclusion.

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