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Categories: Business & News,Feelgood - Positive & Confident,Urgent News,Factual - Informative & Neutral,Glamour & Prestige,Serious & Momentous - Power,Finance & Commerce

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Rolling News
Exciting soundtrack to news, sports, promos and features. Builds to climax with driving drums and bass, brass and soaring guitar. Prestigious with confident global feel.

Victory Parade
1940s/50s style, exuberant, brassy orchestral march bursting with proud celebration.

Start The Day
Light, steadily building Indie Feelgood with piano, acoustic guitar, beats and electronica. Warm, positive, uplifting and fresh.

Out Of The Blue
Expectant, swooshy intro to soaring feelgood theme at 36s with beats and sparkling bells. Positive, fresh and uplifting.

Our Network
Upbeat, feelgood soundtrack to news features with urgent, techy bleeps and big brass entry at 39s.

Caring Business
Gentle, sprightly piano 'bagatelle' with bells and plucked strings. Warm, light and optimistic.

Future Design
Ambient intro builds with bass and solid beat to positive electronic theme. Spacey, warm, edgy electronica.

Natural Drama
Tense, fast, agitated strings and orchestra build with increasing power and grandeur.

The Headlines
Urgent, positive orchestral/electronic news theme with big intro to drop section for voice-over.

Weighty News
Copyright: macor / 123RF Stock Photo
Serious, fast, momentous orchestra with big-drums builds to dramatic climax.

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