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Categories: Blues Rock & Roadhouse

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Ms Trouble
Raunchy Roadhouse Blues/Rock band with gritty guitar and harmonica.

White Stetson
Sassy, riffing Southern US Hard Rock. Raunchy, rough and tough.

To The Red Line
Fast and fun Southern US Hard Rock shuffle with riffing guitars and gritty blues harp.

Walk The Walk
Rolling Country-Rock/Blues with attitude.

Snake In A Bottle
Rough, edgy Roadhouse Blues-Rock with gritty guitars and Hammond-organ flourishes.

Rockabilly After Work
Rip-roaring Rockabilly workout. Fast and fun.

Payday Princess
Raunchy, driving Texas Blues Rocker with growling slide lead guitar.

Haulin' Freight
Driving southern US rock with 'cookie tin' slide guitar. Tough and dirty.

Roadhouse Blues
Medium-slow southern Blues/Roadhouse electric Rock with a touch of banjo.

Driving southern US Rock. Tough, gritty and smokin'.