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Ms Trouble
Raunchy Roadhouse Blues/Rock band with gritty guitar and harmonica.

Payday Princess
Raunchy, driving Texas Blues Rocker with growling slide lead guitar.

Alone On The Road
Lonesome, gritty acoustic Country-Folk /Blues with harmonica and slide guitar.

Shuffle The Deck
Upbeat, sassy US acoustic country-blues with upright bass and slide guitar.

Whiskey And Smoke
Rough-edged acoustic blues guitar with slide banjo and finger clicks. Intimate and simple.

Rockasilly Hop
Wacky Rock N' Roll fun with kazoo and male vocal "Yeah, Go Go".

Vegas Nights
Driving, classic rock-blues with twisted lead guitar. Sweaty partying under the influence.

Down And Dirty
Sultry, mid-tempo blues rock - dark and sexy.

Classic UK Blues Rock with weeping guitar and strings.

Born Bad
Strutting Electric-Blues with 'Woa Yeah' voices, guitars and harmonica.

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