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Categories: Bloopers, Funnies, Fails

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Game Boy
Quirky Bigbeat with a lighthearted, fun, gaming feel.

Fun With Bubbles
Wacky, nu-folky cheerfulness with ukuleles and bubbly fx.

Wacky Busy
Quirky, fun loving wackiness with acoustic guitar and ukulele.

Silly Games
Upbeat fun and games with comic sound effects throughout. Very silly indeed!

Comedy Vacation
Comedically upbeat skiffle with strumming guitar and exceptionally plinky piano joined by plodding double bass and vibraphone. Sunny, relaxed and fun.

Sneaky Pets
Light orchestral mischief with funny percussive effects. Quick, cute and quirky.

Being Mr Bean
Bright and fun, comic orchestra with jaunty Rock 'n' Roll woodwind, harpsichord, light drums and marimbas.

Up To No Good
Gambolling, light cinematic comedy with funny orchestral hits and swells.

Big Angry Man
Stormy, spoof-dramatic theme alternates with high speed comic capers. Charlie playing cat and mouse with Eric Campbell.

On A Roll
Brisk, upbeat piano rag rolls along at a rate of knots.

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