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Categories: Bleak & Desolate

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To The Mountain
Pensive piano solo intro lifts into soulful indie orchestral rock with a heroic Celtic flavour.

Sad Waltz
Sadly romantic solo piano waltz.

Reasonable Doubt
Intelligent Piano theme for serious, thought-provoking drama.

Stark, bleak, atmosphere with minimal piano and simple, melancholic cello and violin layers.

Soft minimal piano over bleak drone slowly grows with cold, long, rising cello and violin notes.

Deep Mystery
Deep drone with swirling effects and ethereal voices. Awe-inspiring, vast space.

Autumn Affair
Thoughtful solo piano joined by chamber strings for gently emotive soundtrack with a rural flavour.

Missing Person
Tense, moody trip-hop with glitchy beats, piano, strings and atmospheric electronica. 

Cold Night Sky
Moody hybrid soundtrack with marimba figures over sparse piano and strings. Bleakly beautiful.

Alien Space
Ultra-minimal delicate atmosphere; creepy, spacey, futuristic sci-fi.

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