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Categories: Bigbeat & Breakbeat

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Pu Tang
Bigbeat tear-up from inside the one-track mind of an adolescent male - explicit vocal samples. Slightly cleaner version available.

Pump Up The Partay
Good dirty Bigbeat fun - not for the easily offended. Semi-clean version available.

Stylin' It
Rolling Break Beat house with huge buzzy synth lead. Energetic, cheeky and zany.

Tech News
Portentous synth bass over skipping breaks with orchestral accents - urgent, serious and technical.

Down My Street
Light and funky reggae flavoured breakbeat. Steady and purposeful.

Robo Hop
Funky, light swingbeat rhythm track with elaborate brass section riffing - upbeat activity.

Masters Of MayhemVersions/Download
Raunchy rock guitar leads storming chemical rock groove.

Night RunningVersions/Download
Pounding, synth-led chemical rock with lush, tripped-out pad sections.

Code BlackVersions/Download
Intense, driving, mid-tempo chemical rock featuring urgent siren FX.

Blitzing It
Hyperactive jazz-funk over kicking breakbeats featuring epic tenor sax solo (in at 1:36).

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