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Mournful Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over deep, enigmatic atmosphere.

Turkish Dawn
Enigmatic desert atmosphere with emotive Ney Flute.

Armenian Nights
Sophisticated Middle-Eastern filmic Crossover with lonely Duduk (Armenian reed pipe), chilled beats and bass.

Desert Horizon
Slow, evocative desert atmosphere with haunting Rebab (Bedhouin fiddle) and Saz (Arabic lute).

Deep Mystery
Deep drone with swirling effects and ethereal voices. Awe-inspiring, vast space.

Epic Challenge
Restless, tense orchestra slowly builds to epic, majestic theme.

Winter Wonderland
Winter magic with sparkling chimes, lightly plucked strings, orchestra and choir.

Orchestra builds from stoic, wintry opening to more positive, inspiring outcome and gentle conclusion. An emotive soundtrack to hardship and survival.

The Approach Of Winter
Soft wintry atmosphere with wistful violin over tinkling bells and lightly plucked strings.

Natural Drama
Tense, fast, agitated strings and orchestra build with increasing power and grandeur.

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