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Categories: Batucada

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Exciting Afro-Cuban carnival atmosphere with Samba drums, percussion and whistles.

Football Magic
Upbeat Samba with lively piano melody, exuberant drum breaks and refs whistle.

Golden Feet
Percussion-heavy Jazz-samba tear-up with fiery, soaring trumpet lead.

Escola De Samba
Brazilian crowd sings dreamily euphoric song over storming Batucada.

Stadium Brazil
Thunderous Brazilian carnival drums and Samba whistles - with and without vuvuzelas and stadium crowd FX

Rio Dance Off
Fast, driving Samba street percussion. Exciting and fun.

Energetic Samba street party - Infectious Brazilian Batucada drums & percussion.

Favela Tribal
Energetic Brazilian Batucada over house backbeat with distorted vocal sample.

Fire Carnival
Intense Latin carnival percussion. Batucada style.