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Categories: Awe, Mystery & Enigma

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Dark Destiny
Wild atmospheric intro builds with unfolding orchestral drama and sense of wonder to enigmatic ending.

Before The Storm
Dark, cinematic opening builds with tension to huge, portentous orchestral brass theme before dropping away to mysterious outro.

Vanishing Point
Epic electro-orchestral dreamscape with a psychedelic edge.

Night MovesVersions/Download
Darkly portentous, lush orchestral atmospherics sprinkled with electronica.

Red Earth
Beautiful, sad but dignified slow theme with solo horn, cymbal swells and distant percussion. (Available in stereo and surround)

Angels and Demons
Cloistered, solemn female voices build massively with urgent drums and male choir to dramatic finale.

Frontier East
Intense Kaval (ethnic flute) solo over solemn synth/orchestral drones evokes exotic desolation. See versions for underscore (no flute).

Image from NASA
Wondrous, sensual, unfolding soundscape. Archaic wind instruments over lush deep chords. (7 mins). (stereo & surround mixes)

Kong IslandVersions/Download
Orchestral/choral trailer veering between comic-book adventure and dark melodrama; Alternate version featuring unusual impassioned female tribal voice solo. 

Deep, slow 'altered piano' drone builds with sparse hammered hits. Awesome, mysterious beauty. (stereo & surround mixes)

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