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Categories: Atmospheres & Drones,Dark,Light

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Neutral electronic background to scientific activity with a sense of concentration and time passing.

Meditative Japanese atmosphere with Shakuhachi flute, Koto, bells and drum.

Tranquil, intimate solo Shinoboe (Japanese flute). Isolated flute version of 'Rice Fields'.

Rice Fields
Tranquil, enigmatic Japanese atmosphere with Shinoboe (flute), Koto and temple bowl.

Cheerful Japanese folk ensemble with flutes, Koto and Biwa. Romantic and tuneful.

Mystic Peace
Peaceful, mystical, ambient atmosphere with exotic Eastern female voice.

The Price Of War
Dark, edgy atmosphere with haunting Arabic zither and percussion over sinister drone, punctuated by muted, subtle explosive fx.

Into The Cemetery
Supernatural atmosphere of suspense with low drone, creepy woodwind and ghostly voices.

Paranormal Suspense
Supernatural atmosphere with sinister, shimmering orchestral strings, slow persistent drum and mysterious ethereal voices.

Haunted Ballroom
Ghostly slow waltz with piano, celeste and creepy dulcimer glissandos.

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