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Hotel Sarabande
Neo-Baroque tear-up with strident saxophone lead, taking massive liberties with Handel's Sarabande.

Let The Crazy Out
Catchy, clubby female vocal Pop/Dance song celebrating girl's craving to break out of her boredom, go wild and party.

All Night Long
Image by Mani9flores
Suspenseful intro to massive pounding trancey EDM with looped female vocal fragment.

I Dream Of Moldavia
Wild, proud gypsy folk with violin and accordion builds with sentimental passion to end.

Goulash Rhapsody
Explosively energetic arrangement for gypsy dance band of Brahm's Hungarian Dances.

The Anger
Moody electric guitar intro builds and breaks into aggressive Post-Rock thrash dropping to sad, solo piano outro.

Trouble In Wonderland
Wonder-filled orchestral trailer with choral touches - drama with magic.

Situation Meltdown
Pounding rock-electro cross-over with passionate guitar led chorus; dark, sexy and dramatic.

Edgy, strutting, electro-Tango with accordion (bandoneon). Urgent Latin passion.

You Ain\'t My Baby
Grungy electro-tinged pop rock with feisty female end-of-the-affair vocal.

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