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Categories: Ancient Civilisations

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Awesome mysterious space with enigmatic choir over deep, dark drones.

Drums Of Battle
Powerful, dark cinematic drums build from restless tension to climax.

Prepared For Battle
Powerful, dark orchestral brass and drums build from restless tension to urgent, epic climax.

Slow, stately traditional Iranian/Turkish drums and percussion.

Dark Destiny
Wild atmospheric intro builds with unfolding orchestral drama and sense of wonder to enigmatic ending.

Vanishing WorldVersions/Download
Solemn, slow awesome beauty featuring washes of distant choir, cymbal swells and plaintive harp. (Available in stereo and surround)

Red Earth
Beautiful, sad but dignified slow theme with solo horn, cymbal swells and distant percussion. (Available in stereo and surround)

Frontier East
Intense Kaval (ethnic flute) solo over solemn synth/orchestral drones evokes exotic desolation. See versions for underscore (no flute).

Image from NASA
Wondrous, sensual, unfolding soundscape. Archaic wind instruments over lush deep chords. (7 mins). (stereo & surround mixes)

Tomb RobbersVersions/Download
Dark, suspense with sinister sounds, disembodied voices and drone.

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