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Mother Earth
Spacious, slowly evolving ambient atmosphere featuring fragments of psychedelic electric guitar. Graceful, awe-inspiring.

Desolation Blues
Sparse, blues-steel guitar figures over bleak, desolate, shifting electronic ambience.

Blue World
Soft ambient beauty with underwater whale song-like sounds enjoined by light joyful beat.

Lonesome Beauty
Slow, repetitive piano figure over rising and falling breathy voices. Poignant, lonely and wondrous.

Slow graceful atmosphere with lonely, soaring, distant flute. Simple New Age style wondrous beauty.

Dream Lights
Mellow ambient Chill with piano, bright sparkling bells and deep synth washes.

Simple Beauty
Warm rolling piano with guitar and synth washes. Neutral, cosy, mellow atmosphere.

Light Drops
Echoing drops over soft ambient washes. Sparkling, simple beauty.

Soft Focus
Gently flowing minimalist piano with light euphoric electronic fx. Soft, warm and airy.

Slow, wondrous drones with occasional high-pitched bells giving bright starry effect.

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