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Categories: Aftermath

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Unmarked Grave
Ultimately creepy atonal string melody over restless atonal orchestral drones. Grimly filmic horror.

Beyond Desolation
Intensely desolate, atmospheric, acoustic/electronic drone

Red Morning
Sad orchestral intro builds with hopeful oboe before stepping up the pace with drums and choir to triumphant finale.

The Black Death
Grim, epic backdrop to misery and death with solo cello, orchestra and early instruments.

Requiem For A HeroVersions/Download
Dark, Gothic orchestra and choir builds to melodramatic climax.

Mournful piano solo is joined by melodica for emotive climax.

Haunting, delicate piano and guitar figures.

The Big Chill
Menacingly atmospheric dub-chill electronica.

Last Farewell
Epically mournful duduk lament over solemn pads. Alternate version with ney lead.

Epically portentous slow chord cycle with orchestra follows enigmatic intro.

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