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Africa Jam
Uplifting tribal African Worldbeat builds with driving drums, happy voices and electro bass.

Savannah Song
African Worldbeat with tribal drums and voices builds to happy, feelgood theme.

Club Africa
Upbeat rolling funky house with cut up African vocal chant samples.

Wadi Halfa
Lively North African drums and Rebabs (Bedhouin fiddles). Thriving and upbeat.

The Rumble Drums
Driving tribal drums and exuberant shouts over fast, driving dancefloor beat. Untamed and exciting.

Zambezi Glow
Medium-paced marimba and kalimba patterns gently build with African percussion and female voice. Warm African backdrop.

The Hunt Is On
Urgent African percussion erupts into speeding chase complete with male puffs of effort.

Spirits Of The Kalahari
Downbeat drums, bass and percussion develop with soulful, yearning African male voices. Sad and stark but touchingly uplifting.

Fast, cheerful Highlife tune with multiple African kalimbas and shakers. Bright and happy.

Somali River
Bright and buzzy Kalimba intro to ambling groove with upbeat African male voices, marimbas and penny whistle. Light-hearted, laid-back and fun.

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