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Categories: Acoustic Pop

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Indie Ireland
Lively acoustic Pop/Folk with jubilant male vocal, lively strummed guitars and Celtic instruments.

Smiley Town
Light Pop-African backing with cheerful whistling.

Happy Workman
Whistling over ukulele and sparse drum kit. Sunny, light  and minimal.

Bright And Breezy
Sparkling melody over upbeat folky Pop. Takes off to a running adventure with mandolin at 48 secs.

Happy Planet
Super-smiley vocal-acoustic hymn to simple happiness.

Getting Easier
Beyond-upbeat vocal/acoustic celebration of the shiniest upside of life - 'It's getting easier'.

Whistle While You Wash
Light and sunny mandolin-led acoustic backing with sunny whistling and la-la vocal tunes.

Make Believe
Cute, sunny girl vocal over light acoustic folk-pop backing.

Beautiful Place
Shiningly positive female vocal over rolling acoustic backing led by intricate sparkling chimes and mandolin. Impossibly upbeat.

The Girl I Want To Be
Enchanted, waltzing toy-music/merry-go-round backing with wistful, naive pop-folk female vocal about chasing dreams.

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