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Categories: Abstract Electronica

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Neutral electronic background to scientific activity with a sense of concentration and time passing.

Creepy Theremin 3
Ethereal retro Sci-fi atmosphere with Theremin over strange, hypnotic drone. 

Creepy Theremin 4
Dark, eerie, swirling vintage Sci-Fi atmosphere with haunting Theremin.

Solo Theremin
Vintage Sci-Fi - mysterious solo Theremin.

Spaceship Flyby
Vintage electronica sound-effect of flying Sci-Fi Spaceship.

Spaceship Interior
Vintage electronica sound-effect of Sci-Fi spacecraft control room or laboratory.

The Speed Game
Urgent, airy electronica with a technological edge. Speed with atmosphere.

Lightly enigmatic Electronica. Sparkling, neutral and warm.

Bad Android
Dark industrial wasteland FX intro into grand dubstep processional - fast-cut rapid action mid section.

Night Prowler
Sinister atmospherics into cool, glamorous electronic lounge-house groove.

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