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Cinema Paradiso
Amiably emotive, nostalgic accordion tune over steady guitar backing. Vintage celluloid-sounding version of 'Promenade En France'.

Promenade En France
Jolly, amiable, very slightly wistful vintage French easy-listening featuring melodica over steady guitar and double bass backing. Pernod on the terrace in Biarritz, 1958.

Meet Me In Helsinki
Impossibly, uncannily accurate tribute to the 60s, Iron Curtain spy movie. Michael Caine gets double crossed again over vodkas with someone called Olga.

Fantasy Sky
Barbarella gets high on space-drugs in a rolling guitar/ethereal vocal-led, retro-psychedelic cheese-fest. Sexy, if you're French and it's 1968.

Vintage Love Affair
Vintage 70s Euro-cinema idea of incredibly touching and emotional, with old synths. When sad becomes funny.

Amore Perduto
Lovelorn vintage cinematic lament for lost love with cheesy electric guitar and strings. So uncool it's cool.

Dreamy, gently psychedelic, and considerably cheesy homage to the great French romances of the 60s and 70s. Retro lounge with ethereal 'la la' female vocal.

Sole Italiano
Sunny Mediterranean kitsch from a bygone age with acoustic guitar and piano over bubbling bass and percussion. Joyful retro fun.

Nicole's Feast
Light retro French-flavoured acoustic jazz with a clattering percussion track played on kitchen implements. 

Hippy Sunrise
Dreamy retro hippy theatrical pop-rock/choral fantasy dripping with 60s/70s nostalgia.

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