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Categories: 1920's

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Comedy Vacation
Comedically upbeat skiffle with strumming guitar and exceptionally plinky piano joined by plodding double bass and vibraphone. Sunny, relaxed and fun.

The First Kiss
Achingly nostalgic, impossibly romantic Waltz for accordion, violin and piano. Just you, the moonlight and Edna Purviance. Circa 1920.

Adeline Mon Amour
Warm, relaxed, happy, jazzy saunter celebrating the best of times. Piano, accordion and violin.

Down And Out
Wistfully romantic arrangement of Beethoven's Für Elise for piano and accordion. Charlie/Inspector Clouseau doesn't get the girl, street musicians appear below his balcony to commiserate.

Chase Scene
Manic, music-hall acccordion, piano and violin chase music, with an Eastern European gypsy slant.

Big Angry Man
Stormy, spoof-dramatic theme alternates with high speed comic capers. Charlie playing cat and mouse with Eric Campbell.

On A Roll
Brisk, upbeat piano rag rolls along at a rate of knots.

Fine Lookin Gal
Celebratory piano rag with a happy swagger - mid section evolves through several contrasting musical episodes.

Trouble Brewing
Stormy, stomping piano rag with a touch of the Exotic East about it (by 1910 standards).

Comedy Waiter
High speed, upbeat piano rag tailor-made for all silent silliness.

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