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Categories: 1600-1730 (Baroque)

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Stately processional for chamber orchestra and harpsichord - regal and solemn with a twist of intrigue and melodrama.

A Gilded Cage 2
Chamber orchestral Baroque pastiche with a flavour of comedic intrigue.

Our Regal Heritage
Cheerful orchestral celebration with uplifting fanfare trumpets and neo-baroque harpsichord. Proud, patriotic and regal.

Full choir and orchestra build to triumphant finale in neo-classical/baroque 'Gloria' style.

My Lady's Chamber
Flouncy, histrionic, Neo-Baroque chamber orchestra joined by R & B break at 18sec (+ fat bass at 55sec).

Prince of Denmark's March
Contemporary arrangement of Jeremiah Clarke's popular, regal, baroque trumpet voluntary.

A Gilded Cage
Chamber orchestral Baroque pastiche with a flavour of comedic intrigue.

Dramatic, operatic Venetian 'romp', Vivaldi-style strings, harpsichord & orchestra. Operatic version available w. mezzosoprano (Renata Jonscher) & choir.

Stately HomeVersions/Download
Elegant, neo-classical solo piano. Reminiscent of Bach. Formal, cultured and pastoral.

Cold Genius
Surreal, startling baroque, bass aria about freezing to death, from opera 'King Arthur'
(by Purcell/Dryden, Arr. P.Wilson/M.Beesley).

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