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Categories: 1600-1730 (Baroque)

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Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
Sprightly church organ arrangement of JS Bach's famous cantata. A favourite at weddings, Christmas and Easter!

Bach Organ Prelude
Organ arrangement of JS Bach's popular Prelude BWV539. Perfect for any ecclesiastical background. Versions with light and fuller organ registrations.

Stately processional for chamber orchestra and harpsichord - regal and solemn with a twist of intrigue and melodrama.

A Gilded Cage 2
Chamber orchestral Baroque pastiche with a flavour of comedic intrigue.

Our Regal Heritage
Cheerful orchestral celebration with uplifting fanfare trumpets and neo-baroque harpsichord. Proud, patriotic and regal.

Full choir and orchestra build to triumphant finale in neo-classical/baroque 'Gloria' style.

My Lady's Chamber
Flouncy, histrionic, Neo-Baroque chamber orchestra joined by R & B break at 18sec (+ fat bass at 55sec).

Prince of Denmark's March
Contemporary arrangement of Jeremiah Clarke's popular, regal, baroque trumpet voluntary.

A Gilded Cage
Chamber orchestral Baroque pastiche with a flavour of comedic intrigue.

Dramatic, operatic Venetian 'romp', Vivaldi-style strings, harpsichord & orchestra. Operatic version available w. mezzosoprano (Renata Jonscher) & choir.

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