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Fantasy Waltz
Whimsical waltzing orchestral fantasy with playful, magical feel.

Soft And Gentle
Gentle, folky acoustic guitars, bells and plucked strings. Soft, warm and cute.

Light And Happy
Light Indie-Folk with ukuleles and happy whistling. Soft, warm and cute.

Going To Be Okay
Indie Rocker evolves gradually from hopeful suspense, through several levels of excitement to massively positive, uplifting conclusion.

Soul Searching
Reflective Indie Chill with half-time rhythm evokes atmosphere of wistful yearning.

Slow, wistful Indie Chill with sensitive guitar over half-time drums, piano and bass. Sad and deeply thoughtful.

Time To Think
Serious, thoughtful Indie guitars over solemn, slow beat evokes atmosphere of deep concern.

Gentle Journeys
Contented and warm, gently rolling Nu-Folk with ukulele, guitar and light glitchy fx.

Smiley Happy
Cheerful ukulule over poppy, fun backing with lighthearted glitchy fx.

Fun With Bubbles
Wacky, nu-folky cheerfulness with ukuleles and bubbly fx.

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