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Pop-Electro Party

Cool, glam and partying, cutting-edge Electro
for fashion, adverts, lifestyle, sports

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Life Is Fun
Fizzingly upbeat pop electro - simple, young and fun.

Dirty Dancehall
Electro meets dancehall for a sexy, bouncy bump and grind.

Authentic, driving club-electro - upbeat with a twist.

Euphoric electro-disco anthem with super-funky, body-popping electro verse sections.

Euro Star
Thriving party electro with anthemic synth-brass theme.

Arcade Generation
Reflective house electro rises on a trance-edged wave into grand finale.

Urban Energy
Electronic theme to cool, young urban living.

Light It Up
Glitzy electro disco theme with super-catchy synth-brass lead line.

Electro Dubstyle
Dubby, buzzy pop electro with dancehall MC repeated sampled phrases.

Naked In The Street
Funky, bright electro house. Feisty and fun.

Punk Electro
Dramatic, portentous synth-rock intro into rolling, serious electro groove.

Move Your Body
Purposeful electro-disco with a retro twist feat. female vocal sample - 'move your body'.

No Stopping
Driving, emphatic electro-house with vocoder vocal sample; "Rockin', no stoppin'"