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Prestige Technology

Complex, sophisticated orchestral-electronic soundtracks - for advertising, technology, luxury goods & services

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Luminous blend of electronica with light orchestra - a technological tone poem.

Autumn Enigma
Brooding orchestral/electronic contemporary soundtrack to darkness, glamour and mystery.

Metal Mystery
Pensive, acoustic ambient/light orchestral soundtrack with metallic sound design elements.

Lush and spacious sculpted ambient soundscape over Hang Drum bed.

Future Retro
Complex mix of filmic orchestral into jazzy breakbeat feat. surreal retro trumpet; modern cool meets gushing retro glamour.

Meditative Retro jazzy chill featuring Vibraphone.

Mysterious acoustic chill atmospherics over restless jazzy drums.

The Magician
Complex and thoughtful orchestral/synth patterns joined by luxuriant orchestra with Mid-Eastern Duduk and Voice overlays.

Spirits In Steel
Pensive, mysterious Hang-drum intro into floating operatic soprano duet over lush strings, trip hop beats and electronic FX.

Digital Freakshow
Darkly comic/dramatic, madcap meeting of orchestra and electro - robots on drugs.

Trouble In Wonderland
Wonder-filled orchestral trailer with choral touches - drama with magic.

Magic By Design
Suspenseful orchestral/electronica hip-hop interspersed with towering choral climaxes (1:04 & 1:42)

Night Moves
Darkly portentous, lush orchestral atmospherics sprinkled with electronica.

Avenue of Dreams
Mystery laden orchestral electronica soundtrack.

Discrete Pleasures
Luminous, intriguing orchestral electronica - mysterious and seductive.

Vanishing Point
Epic electro-orchestral dreamscape with a psychedelic edge.

Metal Mystery Reprise
Pensive acoustic ambient/light orchestral soundtrack with metallic sound design elements - additional bass and electronic percussion.