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Nu Glam Rock

Stadium rock collides with glittering pop-electronica in a Nu-Glam explosion -
for fashion and style, promos, advertising

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Glam Explosion
Stylishly dirty, cutting-edge glam pop-rock.

The Edge
Massive, filmic, gothic rock histrionics woven with pulverising metal grooves.

Raunchy and theatrical Goth rock with massive synth-enhanced chorus - darkly glamorous action.

Situation Meltdown
Pounding rock-electro cross-over with passionate guitar led chorus; dark, sexy and dramatic.

Massively uplifting, modern pop-rock lit up with euphoric electronics, alternates with glam-tinged, strutting rock groove. 

Toweringly histrionic Goth/Pomp rock with a camp streak, featuring high, wordless male-vocal theme.

Ashes To Ashes
Gothic meets Metal meets Glam for a darkly thrilling roller-coaster ride.

Manic Attack
Theatrically intense runaway synth-enhanced pop-rocker; complex, powerful and catchy.

Rock Inferno
Hell for leather rock riffing gives way to huge histrionic Nu Glam Rock chorus.

The Rush
Glam, dramatic electroclash / contemporary synth pop, bursting with energy and with a touch of retro.

Dr Who Meets Dr No
Driving rock anthem blends prog-rock synth lines with sizzling guitar riffs to push stadium rock into the future.