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World Mystery And Wonder

Orchestral and ethnic meditations on the awe, mystery and romance of the ancient and exotic -
for history, archaeology, drama, documentaries

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Haunting and intense Middle-Eastern female vocal over lush, filmic orchestral backing.

Image from NASA
Wondrous, sensual, unfolding soundscape. Archaic wind instruments over lush deep chords. (7 mins). (stereo & surround mixes)

Timeless Wonder
Deeply evocative soundscape with haunting pipe, rainstick and zither. Calm enigmatic panorama.

City of Angels
Lush, haunting, angelic chorale joined by Middle-Eastern solo female vocal lament.

Frontier East
Intense Kaval (ethnic flute) solo over solemn synth/orchestral drones evokes exotic desolation. See versions for underscore (no flute).

Intensely mournful Duduk and Arabic vocal lament over atmospheric drone building to filmic orchestral finale. 

Last Farewell
Epically mournful duduk lament over solemn pads. Alternate version with ney lead.

Mournful, emotive, filmic orchestral soundtrack with touches of female voice and duduk.

Red Earth
Beautiful, sad but dignified slow theme with solo horn, cymbal swells and distant percussion. (Available in stereo and surround)

Vanishing World
Solemn, slow awesome beauty featuring washes of distant choir, cymbal swells and plaintive harp. (Available in stereo and surround)