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Fails, Funnies, Bloopers

Comic, bouncy tunes for funny, silly and cute moments - for comedy, kids tv, slapstick & retro

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Rockasilly Hop
Wacky Rock N' Roll fun with kazoo and male vocal "Yeah, Go Go".

Slapstick Sillies
Retro, silent movie piano with funny slapstick noises and hits.

Holiday Bloopers
Sunny, silly fun with fast Ska/Reggae beats and cute tune.

Prank Squad
Zany sax and accordion over upbeat Skiffle and Ska backing. Kitsch slapstick fun.

End Of The Pier
Bouncy honky-tonk piano with tuba, and comedy whistles. Quintessential English holiday silliness.

Hurry To Silly Town
Bouncy, hurrying Electronica with a cute, catchy tune, bleeps and crashes.

Havin' A Laugh
Jolly fun with plodding tuba and sprightly piccolo.

Wacky Science
Fast, fun, comedy Dubstep/Electronica with bleeps, wobbles and whistles.

Simply Silly
Light, comical whistling over bouncy jug band. Daft as a brush.

Oh Crikey!
Bouncy, brassy comedy orchestral with flighty woodwind.

Fast And Funny
Bouncy, cheery jazz-blues band with fast walking bass, trombone, wood-blocks and xylophone.

Upbeat country band with rolling banjo, blues harp & comedy whistle fx.

Silly Hillbilly
Comic, upbeat country-style hoedown with banjo and blues harp.

Comic Cuts
Fast, cute mock country-blues with banjo.

Mr Lazy
Ambling Trad jazz with ukulele, mute trumpet, clarinet and comic whistles. Sleepy swinging slapstick!