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Awesome Earth

Dramatic themes on a grand scale with orchestra and choir -
for documentaries, films, trailers, tv

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Story Of Our Land
Mid-pace, fluid orchestra builds majestically with big drums and choir to dramatic end.

Building Panorama
Orchestra builds from sweeping strings through majestic brass and Duduk theme to dramatic drums and choir finale. Awesome beauty on a grand scale.

Aerial Journey
Fast-pace orchestra soars with drama and purpose - against all odds.

Force of Nature
Orchestral anthem to the power and majesty of nature.

Huge and majestic symphonic theme to natural grandeur - modern and epic.

Across Oceans
Slow, majestic orchestral build to uplifting choral climax. Power and graceful beauty. Versions with and without choir.

Ascent Of Man
Epic orchestra steadily and relentlessly builds in pace and drama with sweeping strings and brass, then drums and choir to awesome climax.

Desert Sunset
Meditative piano over lush, panoramic orchestra/synth pad backing with Duduk touches.

Return Of The Titans
Epic orchestral trailer; strife-torn theme ends in heroic climax.

Uber-serious dramatic orchestral trailer pulls out all the stops.

The Coming Storm
Urgent and solemn choral/orchestral theme with electronic embellishments.