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Doing Stuff

Light, neutral to fun soundtracks -
for lifestyle, daytime tv, hobbies, cooking, DIY

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Working Together
Happy Rolling folk guitar gradually builds as folk instruments join in.

Fixing It Up
Jolly upbeat jug band with upright bass, guitar and spoons.

Down To Work
Trucking Indie Rock with electric and acoustic guitars.

Doing Stuff
Light, subtly retro, acoustic soundtrack to everyday life, hobbies and DIY - breezy and neutral.

Going To Plan
Light, cheerful Indie Rock. Upbeat and easygoing.

Putting It Together
Upbeat Country Blues with slide guitar. Light, easygoing fun.

Keeping Busy
Swinging Jazz/Blues jam with drums, walking bass, spoons and saucepans. Light-hearted fun.

Get Moving
Motivational light pop rock - neutral to serious.

Happy, rollicking country/folk with fiddle, jews harp, pedal steel and dobro guitars.

Get Cracking
Bright, bouncy Pop Rock. Lively and fun.

Blitzing It
Hyperactive jazz-funk over kicking breakbeats featuring epic tenor sax solo (in at 1:36).

Busy Bluegrass
Jolly upbeat Bluegrass romp with twangy guitar.

Hitting The Road
Easy-going, driving, optimistic Indie Rock.

Slightly Silly
Comic, upbeat country-folk. Ideal for bloopers, cute animals, kids. (versions with or without yodeling)

Working On It
Rolling dub/reggae-house with atmospheric electronic fx and retro brass riffs.

Moonshine Billy
Country-style square dance with reeling fiddle, accordion, banjo and merry beat.