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Family Finance

Neutral to uplifting, subtly quirky contemporary soundtracks -
for insurance, medical, home finance

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September Skies
Dreamy, thoughtful contemporary soundtrack to change and progress.

New Season
Bright and positive contemporary soundtrack with guitar and piano figures over sunny synth pads and light breakbeats.

The Quest
Indie rocker flows through questioning intro and verse to emphatically positive chorus.

User Friendly
Light neutral musical sound-bed featuring acoustic guitar and synthetic voices with modern backwards FX over. 

Caring Hands
Thoughtful, gently feelgood light orchestral theme.

Serious but positive orchestral pop with flowing toplines and technical synth touches in the rhythm.

Shining Through
Pensive piano intro gives way to uplifting airy synth soundtrack anthem.

Step By Step
Heavy trip-hop beats with piano and chamber strings give a gently positive, slow indie-anthem feel.

Here To Help
Rolling piano led indie ballad - caring and uplifting.

Breezy, lightly psychedelic piano-led trip-hop featuring tubular bells and ethereal voices.

People Matter
Laid back, thoughtful Indie with heartfelt string section melody.