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Christmas 2

magical atmospheres, cheery tunes and christmas party rock -
for promos, tv, advertising

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Here Comes Santa
Bouncy, Jolly Christmas fun, with sleigh bells and catchy tune.

Santa's Grotto
Catchy, jolly, light orchestral Christmas tune with piccolos, shimmering strings, tuba and bells.

Santa's Footsteps
Light, tiptoeing, twinkling Xmas atmosphere with celeste, bells and plucked string bass.

Fairy Lights
Cheerful Christmas atmosphere with tinkling bells and plucked strings.

Christmas Wishes
Simple magical Christmas atmosphere with children and sleigh bells.

Cute Christmas
Easy-going, cheerful, tinkling tune with trumpets and bells. Quirky Xmas fun!

Rock Up To Christmas
Indie-rocking version of 12 Days of Christmas. Partying Xmas fun!

Come All Ye Rockers
Explosive Indie-Rock version of 'O Come All Ye Faithful'

Rock The Manger
Indie- Rock version of 'Away in a Manger' with bells, driving drums and guitars.

Christmas Nights
Feelgood Indie-Rock 'First Noel'. Sophisticated and upbeat.

Ready For Christmas
Bright 'n bouncy light orchestra with brass, bells and whistles. Happy kitsch Xmas fun!

Christmas Wonderland
Uplifting winter panorama builds with orchestra and sleigh bells. Flowing and hopeful.

Enjoy Christmas
Light, catchy bells over upbeat rhythm. Twinkling, happy, neutral Xmas fun.