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Rise and Shine

Light romantic tunes for a perfect sunny day - easygoing, caring and fun -
for tv, films, advertising

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Loving It
Gently upbeat, unplugged folk band backing mandolin and piano.

Strawberry Sunday
Fun and romantic light pop with catchy piano tune.

Sunny, laid-back acoustic pop-folk male vocal love song including harmonica.

Good Morning
Cheery whistling over lightly plucked strings, mandolin, piano and ticking clock. Sense of time passing and satisfaction.

Blue Bubble
Light and sunny retro pop/soul love song with a touch of indie/psychedelia.

Running Free
Light and sunny housey chill with disco strings and dreamy falsetto vocals. Upbeat and romantic.

Feel The Sun
Intense, psychedelic love song - intimate, emotional male vocal over tight indie guitar band.

Bright And Early
Sunny, neutral pop-rock soundtrack with electronic touches.

Lovin You
Light and sunny pop celebration of romantic love.

Unfeasibly sunny vocal pop song celebrating carefree love. Lyric makes light of those who judge.

Sun And Rain
Sunny, gentle celebration of young romance. Upbeat African High-Life instrumental feel with a simple, uncontrived male vocal.

Rise And Shine
Gently sunny, light acoustic guitar-led indie folk/pop with string section.