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Blokes Lager Mobiles

Modern and streetwise blues-rock with attitude - youth lifestyle, promos, advertising

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On Fire
Roller-coaster grungy/retro guitar rock workout with impassioned male vocal line - 'You set me, on fire.'

City Comes To Life
Edgy, boistrous Indie Pop/Rock song about city nightlife with male vocal and police siren fx.

Easy Come, Easy Go
Leery, twisted glam/grunge-rock featuring sardonic male vocal with attitude.

Cruise Control
Rolling Indie groover mixes dirt and style.

Born Bad
Strutting Electric-Blues with 'Woa Yeah' voices, guitars and harmonica.

Loose, raunchy blues-rock with smoking guitar solo and lazy male chorus vocals.

Space Cowboy
Zany retro midtempo pop rock with massive Stylophone lead - bright, confident and rather strange.

Stylin' It
Rolling Break Beat house with huge buzzy synth lead. Energetic, cheeky and zany.

Mr Magic
Funky go-go music feat. blazing Hammond and cheesy synths with kitsch glitzy retro Vegas feel.

Call Me Slick
Hi energy retro disco-house with more than a touch of kitsch.

Start New Game
Twisted, robotic electro-pop with a glam edge.

Monkey Boy
Fast and fun Drum and Bass workout. Cheeky and urgent.

Vegas Nights
Driving, classic rock-blues with twisted lead guitar. Sweaty partying under the influence.