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Need For Speed

Supercharged rock, pop and dance soundtracks to the fast and furious - for sports, tv, trailers

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Masters Of Mayhem
Raunchy rock guitar leads storming chemical rock groove.

Night Running
Pounding, synth-led chemical rock with lush, tripped-out pad sections.

Pole Position
Short pensive intro into rousing, head-shaking rock groove with electronic twists and fx.

Frenetically riffing, incessant Metal.

Code Black
Intense, driving, mid-tempo chemical rock featuring urgent siren FX.

Drive It
Upbeat middleweight US guitar rock driving music.

Head shaking prog metal riffing gives way to power chords theme with glam synth overlay.

Fun Machine
Runaway action-packed riffing rock with an exuberantly upbeat chorus.

Helter Skelter
Urgent, punchy rock with electroclash/synth highlights.

Go For It
Exuberant nu-punk rock. Fast and explosive.

Pagani Zonda
Fast and furious high octane rocky dance with explosive filmic FX.

Fast and furious Drum and Bass/Rock workout.

Tear Em Up
Rip-snortin' road-rocker with exciting synth highlights.

Heavy Gauge
Energetic, feelgood chemical rock.

Hi Performance Montage
Rock Gothic ballad gradually builds through Glam histrionics and headbanging metal riffing to epic climax.

Silver Bullet
Swaggering swing-time rocker with explosively positive choruses featuring glittery synth highlights.

Gone in 60
Fast and furious chemical rocker blends rock and electronica with manic breakbeats - driving, intense and menacing.

Metal meets dubstep and has a massive rumble just for fun.