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Touch The Blue

Solidly emotive Indie anthems taking us through adversity up to another level -
for promos, sport, tv

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Touch The Blue
Thoughtful, spacey Piano leads pensive Indie/trip-hop groove into uplifting melodic chorus.

Feeling Fine
Atmospheric, edgy indie growing to warm and inspirational major-key chorus at 0:56.

Think Again
Pensive, atmospheric Indie rock with emphatic piano lead and flowing string sections.

My Day To Win
Complex and tumultuous, motivational Indie Rocker.

Going Home
Heartfelt feelgood Indie.

Serious, positive indie in unusual 11/8 time, giving extra complexity and urgency.

Wondrous, glistening, lilting indie instrumental ballad with a Soaring romantic chorus.

Into The Sun
Neutral and thoughtful modern indie rises into serious, uplifting chorus with tubular bells.

Time To Shine
Floaty, thoughtful Indie Rock intro building into explosive, euphoric choruses. Sunny and exciting.

Morning Train
Downtempo indie - reflective and romantic. 

Heartfelt mid-tempo Indie grows from long thoughtful intro to uplifting anthemic choruses at 1:36 and 2:24.

Out In Front
Breezy and uplifting guitar-band indie pop; determined and constructive.

Ride The Breeze
Breezy, rolling indie - sunny, uplifting and easygoing.

Step Ahead
Sunny, upbeat indie with exuberant, high-energy chorus.

Walk By
Thoughtful, dreamy Indie rock lifts into anthemic chorus with wistful male backing vocals.