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David Lowe - Strictly Daytime

Light, positive themes and beds
for contemporary lifestyle TV

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Bouncing, motivational pop rock soundtrack.

Getting Started
Cantering 3/4 acoustic guitar with piano overlays - breezy, upbeat and fresh with a rural flavour.

Light and breezy folk with string and woodwind embellishments - easygoing and rural.

Mega Match
Big, brash and buzzy electro TV theme - flashy and fun.

Morning Shift
Bright and bouncy funk groove with trumpet and guitar licks - light and fun activity. 

Outside Broadcast
Upbeat, neutral rock/synth soundtrack.

Country Garden
Amiable acoustic soundtrack to the gentler outdoor pursuits.

My Day
Breezy, positive soundtrack for day to day activities. Medium pace and neutral.

Larking About
Upbeat jazz guitar trio with bottleneck guitar tune - bright, retro and fun.

Country Matters
Urgent mandolin-led light soundtrack with acoustic guitar lead.

Robo Hop
Funky, light swingbeat rhythm track with elaborate brass section riffing - upbeat activity.

The Hunt Begins
Urgent pop-chamber orchestral backing with passionate gypsy violin improvisations over.

Down My Street
Light and funky reggae flavoured breakbeat. Steady and purposeful.

End Of Play
Easygoing acoustic Indie soundtrack with accordion and psychedelic touches.

Django To Go
Exuberant 30s 'Hot Club de Paris' -style jazz; violin soloing over foot-tapping acoustic guitar led jazz trio.