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Big themes with orchestra - for trailers, films, history, fantasy, adventure

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Ancient Cities
Intensely dramatic, emotional orchestral/choral with Duduk. Passionate and evocative.

Massive, epic choral/orchestral action over thunderous tribal drumming.

Kong Island
Orchestral/choral trailer veering between comic-book adventure and dark melodrama; Alternate version featuring unusual impassioned female tribal voice solo. 

Hour Of Battle
Pounding drums, orchestra and epic choir build to heroic crescendo.

Fields Of Glory
Unfolding, rolling orchestra with stoic brass, strings and drums builds to resolute climax.

Onward And Upward
Chugging woodwind, orchestra and percussion builds with positivity through mounting key changes to big choral climax.

Sail Across
Rolling, epic orchestra with percussion and choir build steadily to climax. Heroic and adventurous.

Red Morning
Sad orchestral intro builds with hopeful oboe before stepping up the pace with drums and choir to triumphant finale.

Hope And Tears
Reflective orchestra, drums and choir build to optimistic anthem before gentle conclusion.

Dynasty Run
Racing orchestra and drums speed to a soaring, uplifting climax.

Dark Forest
Dark ethnic atmosphere builds to crescendo with menacing big drums and chugging orchestra.

Task Force Challenge
Momentous orchestral theme builds with military drums, brass and choir to climax. Proud and serious.

Reap The Storm
Menacing orchestral intro to pounding rock-orchestral theme with massive brass and choir. 

Unfolding Mystery
Enigmatic atmosphere with rich Contralto voice builds dramatically with dark beat and piano to epic orchestral climax.

Valley Of The Gods
Doom-laden intro into brooding, momentous orchestral anthem with haunting Duduk, builds to triumphant climax.

Hell Street
Menacing atonal orchestral breaks into thrilling chase. Epic oldskool melodrama.