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World Adventure

Active themes and atmospheres featuring ethnic voices and instruments - for travel, tv, documentaries

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Adventure East
Dance beats lead flowing bansuri (Indian flute) improvisations in a trans-India adventure.

The Trade Route
Gently purposeful, rolling jazz/trip-hop with a blend of exotic flavours.

Monsoon Trail
African Harp and percussion led mid-tempo chillout groove with enigmatic ethnic voice samples over. 

Wild East
Thriving break beat groove with lush pads and dreamy Middle Eastern solo instruments/Arabic voice fragments over.

Bosphorus Nights
Middle-eastern percussion with violin arabesques. Lively, urgent and exotic.

Dreamland Africa
Uplifting, flowing, feelgood World/African cross-over with distant voices.

Club Africa Filimbi
Rolling house groove overlaid with soaring Filimbi flute improvisations and African vocal samples.

Africa Dreaming
Atmospheric intro with African flute and female vocal over orchestra into rolling, filmic orchestral groove with female African vocals and epic drums. Vocal version of 'Epic Journeys'.

Dreamland India
Acoustic guitars strum over chilled beat with Indian percussion, blissed-out sitar melody and psychedelic backwards fx.

Greetings From Spain
Flamenco guitar and trumpet punctuated with claps and drum/cymbal hits. Unhurried Spanish atmosphere.

Legend Of Gilgamesh
Wordless solo Middle-Eastern female lament over orchestra and powerfully dramatic drum ensemble.

Isla Del Sol
Happy waltzing South American folk music. Pastoral and carefree.