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My Strange And Happy World

A quirky, enchanting celebration of life -
warm, welcoming and whimsical -
for lifestyle, TV and advertising

"Shimmers with gentle, hypnotic perfection... also pretty damned unusual."

"A brilliant’s like walking through an endless funfair."

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A Happy Tune
Jolly whistling and kazoo with light acoustic backing. With pauses.

Plan For The Future
Gently building cyclic patterns with recorders, voice and percussion. Bright and optimistic.

Make It Grow
Sunny mandolins, light brass and percussion. Organic, quirky and optimistic.

Things Are Looking Up
Cheerful, rolling rhythm builds with trumpets, guitars and dub bass.

Happy World
Cheerful young female vocal 'ahs' over gently rolling backing. Sunny and quirky.

Happy melodicas, surf guitar and trumpets over a fast, lightly chugging beat.

Beautiful Day
Gently building vibraphone, marimba and strings. Warm, welcoming and enchanting.

Caring And Sharing
Laid-back with tinkling vibes, music box and trumpets. Dreamy, cosy and innocent.

Cute Christmas
Easy-going, cheerful, tinkling tune with trumpets and bells. Quirky Xmas fun!

Fantasy Island
Gently waltzing accordion, ukele and music box. Evocative of the sea and treasure islands!

Flea Market
Jolly (yet neutral) soundtrack to daily life. Rolling Skiffle wind band with ukeleles and piano.

Home And Dry
Jolly waltzing acoustic band with accordion and trumpets. Surreal, safe and cosy. (inc. version without kids)

Kids Go Free
Lively beat with jolly recorders, trumpets, whistles and the kitchen sink! Quirky and fun!

Lazy Days
Warm, relaxed atmosphere builds slowly with piano, soft trumpets and harmonium.

Mr Strange
Quaint, surreal Vaudeville with waltzing dulcimer, accordion, woodwind and trumpets. And for my next trick!

Night Light
Magical, gentle atmosphere with tinkling glockenspiel. Cosy, content, simple and snug!

Roly Poly
Cheerful, rolling tune with whistles, recorders and drums. Wacky fun!

Simple Things
Laid-back acoustic guitar, piano and glockenspiel with backwards fx. Cute and welcoming.

The Village
Gentle acoustic guitar, piano and harmonium. Simple & pastoral.

Pottering About
Quirky acoustic band with brass, mandolins and vocals. Light rural activities.

Samba Kitchen
Bright, busy light Latin-flavoured innocent fun.