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Thrill-packed extravaganzas with orchestra, metal and Gothic choir -
for trailers, films, sports

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Relentless, prowling rock orchestral groove growing through complex orchestral flourishes to pile-driving staccato climax - filmic, glamorous and dark.

Powerful Metal groove builds with Gothic choir and orchestral stabs. Epic fantasy.

Our Hero
Chugging rock metal with Gothic choir and orchestra builds to powerful filmic climax.

Ultimately pumped-up rock orchestral dramatics with a rolling mid-tempo backbeat.

Day Of Judgement
Driving Metal with Gothic orchestra and choir builds inexorably to massive climax.

Soaringly OTT Pomp-Rock/Choral/Orchestral anthem; joyfully melodramatic.

Epic playoff between impassioned gothic choir with full orchestra, and incendiary metal rock band. Dark and awesome.

Angels and Demons
Cloistered, solemn female voices build massively with urgent drums and male choir to dramatic finale.

Requiem For A Hero
Dark, Gothic orchestra and choir builds to melodramatic climax.

Driving orchestra and choir build to dramatic climax over galloping drums.

Time for Heroes
Mid-tempo head-shaking rocker building to dramatic synth-powered gothic anthem.