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Dirty Sleazy Sexy

Alternative and decadent sexuality, red lights and burlesque -
for lifestyle tv, advertising

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Dirty Nasty
Dark, sexy Electroclash.

Miss Whiplash
Twisted, floating electronica over menacing Native American flavoured tribal drum/percussion loop including subtle slap/whiplash FX.

Down And Dirty
Sultry, mid-tempo blues rock - dark and sexy.

Electric City
Retro electro-pop with a touch of decadence.

Mean Streets
Prowling mid-tempo groove and atmospherics from the dark side of town.

Sleaze Patrol
Spaghetti Western guitar meets dark indie and dub for a sleazy showdown.

Date With Desire
Dramatic retro electro/orchestral theme sizzles with decadent glamour.

Dirty Love
Sultry, glam-flavoured electro/synth-pop with a big retro string/theremin theme.

Bad As You Like
Sultry, funky, spaced out trip hop - dark and dubby. Versions with and without erotic female vocal effects.

Dub Meltdown
Darkly atmospheric deep electronic dub with spaced-out electronic FX.