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End of Days

Massive orchestral/dance anthems - impending apocalypse with a twist of glamour -
for trailers, films, tv

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Massively momentous synth-soundtrack anthem balancing melodrama and euphoria.

Future Force
Dramatic anthemic house with fat house beat, flowing strings melody and electronic atmospherics.

The Last Conquest
Rolling orchestral/synth theme in 6/8 featuring massive drum ensemble.

World Alert
Portentous strings lead massive rolling trip-hop theme; weighty, downbeat and dramatic.

Darkly dramatic blend of orchestra and complex dub/trip-hop. Grand and serious with a slice of modern-retro irony.

Epically portentous slow chord cycle with orchestra follows enigmatic intro.

March of Time
Solemn orchestral processional builds to breakbeat-driven filmic anthem. (beats at 1:50)

Rise Up
Dramatic electro/orchestral dance with funky retro 80s electro section starting 1:47.

Grandiose, twisted Rock-Orchestral requiem to a world coming apart at the seams.

Heavy mid tempo orchestral dance - restless, prowling, portentous.