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The Ancient World

From the Stone Age to the first great civilisations - performed on ancient instruments - for history, archaeology, films, documentaries
Researched & performed by Dirk Campbell - a leading authority on ancient music.

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Primitive Hunters
Dark drone clusters, deep pipe sounds and distant roaring - a Lost World

Primal Wonder
Ancient 'bull roarer', drones and whispering voices evoke mysterious images from prehistory.

Primitive Ritual
Primitive overtone tribal chanting, drums and flute (filimbi).

Ancient East
Asian flute (suling) and zither develop with drone and light percussion. Sparse and enigmatic. (stereo & surround mixes)

Forgotten Empire
Slow, ritualistic flute develops to primitive trumpets and animal horns fanfare. Includes various useful versions.

Temple Ruins
Mysterious atmosphere with dark, rolling gongs, Caral flute and one-string fiddle.

Primal Fear
Dark suspense with clay flute and ancient percussion. Night terror and human sacrifice.

Sands Of Time
Bleak, airy, ancient atmosphere with Fujara and Filimbi (ethnic flutes).

Atmosphere of ancient Mediterranean culture featuring Greek double aulos, kaval (flute) and lyre.

Ancient Rites
Slow ritual procession with harp, small cymbals and voices. Erupts with solemn trumpets, drums and reedpipe. Various useful versions

Tomb Robbers
Wikimedia Commons
Dark, suspense with sinister sounds, disembodied voices and drone.

Dance Of Dionysus
Cheerful, pastoral early Mediterranean instruments including Greek double aulos, lyre and sistrum.

Sprightly interweaving lyres and haunting Duduk evoke an ancient world of intellectual and cultural advance.

Panpipe (sicu) and flute (quena) over shifting drones, punctuated with Peruvian folk drum.

Slowly marching big drums, chugging strings, animal horns and ancient trumpets call the advance to war.

Beasts of War
Frenzied tribal-drum cross-rhythms intensify to a crescendo of blaring animal horns and trumpets.

Mighty Empire
Blaring Roman war trumpets (Cornu) fanfare and big drums evoke ancient might and power.

Barbarian Attack
Blaring animal horns and trumpets herald battle. The pace quickens with pounding drums, war cries and clashing swords.

Ancient Revelry
Festive bacchanalia with Arabic lutes (Oud & Rabab), pipes, high-spirited shouts and percussion. Includes version without voices.