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Enigmatic Earth 2

Minimalist meditations on our planet & beyond
with altered piano and found sounds
for earth, science, space, documentaries

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Spirit Trail
Intensely meditative harp-like altered piano figures.

Sparse, suspenseful altered piano and ethnic percussion atmospherics.

Enigmatic swirling soundscape with backwards rhythm effects.

Developing Threat
Moody and minimal percussive atmospherics resolve into dramatic repeated ensemble shock-motif.

Chennai Hustle
Intriguing blend of languid, exotic atmospherics and loose, jazzy rhythm section.

End of Days
Restless, neutral, altered-acoustic soundtrack with layered percussion - loose, shifting textures.

Gulf Stream
Atmospheric altered piano improvisations form slowly evolving musical story. 

High Plains
Minimal, restlessly shimmering ambiences over sparse jazzy rhythm section.

Lizard Rock
Atmospheric evocation of burning desert heat and solitude. Longer underscore has no beats.

Paradise Grove
Lush and laid back altered piano/percussion theme - exotic, meditative and chilled.

Crystal Cave
Spacious, sensual harp-like atmospherics with oriental percussion.

Forbidden Planet
Desolate spacey ambience with creepy impacts and FX - acoustic sound sources give retro-futuristic feel.

Star Canopy
Luminous, shifting ambient pads. Awe-filled, minimal.

Menacing and intriguing, acoustically sourced spacey atmospherics. 

Exotic swirling altered piano soundtrack - lush and mysterious.

Solar Dawn
Flowing, portentous, evolving pad with various FX in and out (clock fades around 2.00).

Engines of Destruction
Doom laden atmosphere featuring brutal engine-like generated sounds overlaying thoughtful, serious pads.

Eerie wind-like spacey drone with vintage sci-fi/horror overtones.