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Digital Living

Information, marketing and lifestyle in the digital age -
for promos, TV advertising, infomercials

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Embrace The Day
Sunny and gentle Kalimba figure with uplifting synth and voice overlays, plus unusual table tennis percussion loop. 

Tokyo Rain
Light, bright and slightly psychedelic minimal electronic soundtrack.

Digital Dreams
Ethereal intro into electronic groove with an enigmatic, technological flavour.

Chill Tech
Spacious, floaty electronic chillscape. Upbeat, technical.

Data Flow
Neutral and understated electronic background for technology and information.

Full of Sunlight
Luminous upbeat/neutral electronic soundtrack.

Gadget Show
Light and bright shifting background for technical/information presentations.

Scientific Minds
Thoughtful, rolling electronic trip-hop.

Buzzy, squelchy, bleeping electro. Party music for robots.

Comm Tech
Lightly urgent synth soundtrack to science and technology.

Mind Power
Brightly thoughtful contemporary soundtrack.

Squelchy Electro bass leads into atmospheric house groove with spacey effects.

Airy and lush mid-tempo synth soundtrack with a thoughtful edge.

Airy, thoughtful and forward looking indie-chill.