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The Big Game

Hard punching rock, indie & electronica
for action sports, youth, street fashion, extreme sports, adverts

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Highly explosive, edgy, twisted Indie dance with kicking drums and funky synth bass punctuated with filtered piano sections. With distorted "Alright!" vocal F/X.

Big League
Explosive riffing metal guitars and muscular rock drums. Tough and energetic.

Bring It Home
Exciting, fast, twisted, Indie Rock/Dance with riffing, edgy bass guitar over solid driving beat. Interspersed with crowd cheering FX. Confident and celebratory.

Don\'t Let The Pressure
Tough, muscular clubby beat with riffing twisted synth and distorted vocals. 'Don't let the pressure'

Fight Night
Hard, fast, unrelenting Drum 'n Bass. Explosive beats with pounding bass and twisted synth.

You Gotta Help Me
Phat, cut-up, indy punk rock with distorted, raunchy bass guitar and twisted male vocal "You gotta help me!" Driving, angry and edgy.

Strutting, positive, heavy rock soundtrack to hard hitting sports action.

Ben Stevenson - MOD
Exuberantly rocking Heavy Metal hymn to power and speed.

For Heroes
Emotive mid-tempo melodic rock anthem - climaxes at 01:18 and 02:06.

Tough, throbbing dubstep with dirty synths. Hard and in-yer-face. Version with crowd cheering also available.

Young Olympians
Huge, massively positive up-tempo electro-dance anthem.

The Beautiful Game
Stormy, melodramatic orchestral trip hop.

Sports Roundup
Positive, dynamic Indie rocking anthem.