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Cool Technology 2

Cool, edgy electronica reflecting the style and excitement of modern technology -
for promos, tv, advertising

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From Darkness
Intense, menacing drone swells into rolling, minimal electronic groove and atmospehrics. Cool, dark and powerful.

Dark Pursuits
Intensely creepy and threatening electronica/sound-design into urgent percussive groove with FX.

Wired, subtly twisted synth-bell figure leads gradually evolving electronica. Bright and strange.

Razor Edge
Restless, evolving electronica with a heavy psychedelic edge.

Dream Fusion
Psychedelically twisted, cool and urban nu-funk groove.

Short Circuit
Squelchy electronic breakbeat - cool but fun.  

The Big Chill
Menacingly atmospheric dub-chill electronica.

Darkness Ahead
Dark, relentless trip hop featuring menacing electric guitar drone.

Driving, urgent and twisted breakbeat.

Airy electronic soundscape with rolling trip-hop breakbeat and chimes.

Binary Boy
Cool but fun electro-house with intriguing 3 bar loop structure.